Sunday, July 3, 2011

All About US: Paul Simon - American Tune

Summertime Clothes - Animal Collective

Refreshing original, like running through sprinklers as a kid, and a bliss-filled remix.

Summer of Love: Love Yourself Some Sassy!

Sarah Vaughan, also known as "Sassy" and "Sailor" due to her joyful use of obscenity, offers the perfect voice for a summer of love, lust, loss, more love, and then just some flat-out fun. Top off your drink, sit back, and enjoy.

ANDREW GOLD: Thank You For Being

Andrew Gold, a pretty terrific singer/songwriter beginning in the 70s, passed away in June. He had his own hits and triumphs, but was also a key component of the rich sounds and success of Linda Ronstadt's seminal albums. He co-wrote "Try Me Again" with Ronstadt, covered here by Trisha Yearwood. Remember him or discover him for the first time. (And note in the studio taping of the Ronstadt video, it's ALL LIVE and on one take/track. Wonderous!)