Sunday, November 7, 2010

Taylor Swift - another instance of new vs. traditional media

NPR wrote about Taylor Swift's album, Speak Now, which came out this week. Another interesting example of new vs. traditional media. Not sure it tells us anything new, but what is really interesting to me is how the commenters in this article do some Taylor Swift bashing and bemoaning of the downhill trend of culture (at least at the time of this posting) if Taylor Swift is the beacon of light for the recording industry.

The article states that the traditional distribution apparatus of the recording industry still dominates ("59%. That's the proportion of Swift's sales that came from "mass merchandise" outlets like Wal-Mart and Target.") At the end of the day, though, sales are still dropping. What the article doesn't really address is why. Is it piracy? Or is it because things are moving toward the cloud and streaming (which is a topic that comes up again and again for PMP)?

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